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Apr 9th 2013 ยท 72 notes ยท Tags: #Kingdom Hospital #Kett Turton #Jodelle Ferland #Cosplay #Paul Morlock #Mary Jensen #Anubis #Stephen King #Kohl-framed images #Poppy Augarde #Lucy Howard #bodmin prison

A photoset I am so so SO proud of :D

Me and my friend Lucy Cosplaying Stephen Kings Kingdom Hospital.
Inspired by our friend Kett Turton who plays the characters Paul & Anubis in the series. We thought it would be fun to act out a photoshoot and surprise him for his Birthday :)
A photoshoot I have wanted to do for years! Im very very proud of the outcome, Lucy did a AMAZING job of getting into character. I love everything about these images. The day itself was ALOT of fun. Very proud x)

Models: Lucy Howard (Paul/Anubis) Poppy Augarde (Mary Jensen)
Photographer: Sky Valentine (Kohl-Framed Images) - My own edit
Makeup Artist: Morgan Kimber Special Effects Make Up Artist
Location: Bodmin Prison (Cornwall)
Inspired by Kingdom Hospital by Stephen King - See videos here -ย 




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    More from my shoot at Bodmin Jail, again copyright belongs to Poppy Augarde, full credits and comments below.
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    This is creepy and twilight zoney in the best ways.
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