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August 20th 14 · 25,025 notes
Ok I need a vote on whether to go back to red and black, purple, or stick with black. :) Thoughts? 

August 15th 14 · 6 notes
After all my ranting I have discovered I have 3 pumpkins on the way! 3! :D
August 12th 14 · 12 notes Preoccupied Pumpkins

So for the last 3 years I’ve made a tradition of maintaining my own pumpkin patch. Its one of those things I have to do to take myself away from the work and social world and purely just focus on growing, maintaining and feeling connected to nature, a period of time a couple of times a week where I can just be content of where I am and block out all of the chaos from my head.

Each year ive been lucky enough to be rewarded with at least 3 or 4 pumpkins of different sizes and varieties. Which I use for Photoshoots, food and just to stare at. Throughout the spring and summer months before or after work I would enjoy taking the time to drive down there, pull up weeds, water and feed the soil. And most importantly hand pollinate the pumpkin flowers once they spring up, starting the growing process of each fruit.

This year my pumpkin patch is pathetically drooping, the leaves are dry and the flowers are small, the vines being dragged down and swamped by the vast amount of weeds pulling it into the ground.
I feel guilty as I read somewhere that plants make a screeching noise too high for humans to hear when under watered. Must have been driving it’s neighbours mad. I deserve to be done for Negligence, poor thing.

The truth is my pumpkin patch is a reflection of my life over the last 6 or so months, working so obsessively and spreading myself so thin to the point that everything has been neglected to a certain extent. The most badly effected being my business, relationship and social life.

I guess what this has really taught me that im not super human by working 3 jobs while balancing everything else, and what I really needed was to be shown that things really do struggle when not being looked after.

Since dropping one of my jobs I have reorganised everything in such a way now I have some more head space, the time and energy to nuture what’s really important to me. I feel content almost all of the time now :)
Anyway, I have a day off today so it’s time to spend the afternoon giving my plants a good dose of TLC. Fingers crossed If I’m not too late I maybe lucky to get at least 1 pumpkin this year. If its not too upset with me. Maybe ill sing to it, I also read that works.

Anonymous: About the caring thing: I think I am a caring and empathetic person and I can confirm that this is nothing I could change over night. Sometimes it's good to care for others. It's good in a friendship/relationship. It helps to understand the other person and all. But I do think I tend to care "too much". When I care so much that I get to a point where I'm upsetting myself for the smallest reason, because someone else had a bad day or whatever. I just thought I'd share this with you. Greetings :)

Its really helpful to learn others share this, thank you :)

August 8th 14 · 19 notes Care less

So I find it odd when people tell me that I need to care less, be more selfish and “toughen up a bit” when it comes to people and relationships. Ive had this a handful of times recently and I question whether or not the intensity of care I have towards people in my life is too much or intimidating to others, and I get upset when it’s not reciptated back in the same way. Is this really such an abnormal thing? To care? I mean it would explain alot.

In my opinion changing the way you care about people is like asking a zebra to loose it’s stripes. You’re either a compassionate person or not and im glad im not easy influenced to want to try and be someone im not.


Took this a few years ago when a friend and I went to a pumpkin patch



I feel like I have to proclaim that I own this whenever it comes up. Gosh I love wearing it.

*grabby hands*

You guys this is in stock on Romwe.com right now.I bought it about 3 weeks ago and I love it so much.

Raven by BlackCynnamon

Painted Clouds by Sam P.