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Icy cemetery
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Anonymous: Hi! Can you help me? I'm planning to dye my hair tomorrow, and I opened the bottle for the allergy test. But now I can't close the bottle perfectly (I used cling film to close it fully). Can I use that bottle tomorrow or should I get rid of it now? Million thanks for your answer!

You should allergy test with the tube of colour, not peroxide. Xx

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This spiderweb is serious. #nature #morningdew #maine #brisk #spiderwebs by not_so_often http://instagram.com/p/tXok1PF9uw/
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Im not sure if ive shared this on my blog yet, but here we go
Over the last 3 months I’ve completely stopped eating meat (Red Meat & Poultry) it’s not particularly something I like to share with people as I get the same sort of responses, or people ask me why, if im doing it on a moral ground, I still eat fish?

The reason I wanted to stop eating meat was because of the over wealming “wrong” feeling I’ve always felt, even as a child, when eating red meat & poultry it. Over a year ago I did some research into dairy and meat farms and after learning the truth about them, and treating the animals products and nothing more, I subconsciously made that decision of not wanting to contribute towards it by buying or eating it.

Im also fazing out cows milk and on the rare occasion I eat eggs, ill take them from local sources (like my parents chickens)

So I do still eat fish, which I do admit makes me a hypocrite. I am aware of how 1 of 2 fish are caught illegally. The vast amount of over fishing which is killing the oceans.

The reason for still eating fish is selfishly for the reason of wanting to keep my body healthy. Until I research the proper ways to replace the vitamins and minerals I lose out on my new diet, hopefully in the future Ill be fully able to fully turn vegetarian, who knows.

Hazelnut milk is totally amazing you should try it.

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Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie. (via wolf-cub)

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