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Ohh this look ♥
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LOOKS LIKE MEAT’S BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS" bellows the Orc to his Orc friends. Orcs know what menus are. Orcs know what restaurants are. are there bistros in Mordor? these are the questions i need answering

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So I got my first pair of glasses a couple of days ago. Turns out the vision in my left eye is slightly impaired which ive been living with the last 8 years (not a regular visitor to the opticians I have to admit) I got a good telling off for not visiting sooner.

So the last couple of days have been amazing, ive just been staring at everything! I have to admit walking out the opticians wearing my new specs was somewhat disorientating, almost walking into people while finding my new steps was hilariously ironic. And I felt weirdly taller. Like a giraffe walking into a 3D movie. 

Its amazing how there are sharp lines everywhere, and have a distinct white glow, how beautiful and how much more colourful leaves in the trees are. Even the detail in the pavement and wooden surfaces is astonishing. Don’t even get me started on light that hits glass and water surfaces. 

Im weird I know, I get far to excited about little things, so im in very high spirits :) :D -0-0-
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Anonymous: Quick question, how do you wear your corsets? I like them A LOT, but I always feel overdressed in them or I feels like underwear, I do not know how to combine them -.-

There are plenty of ways to dress down a corset and help it blend into your every day wear. I sometimes will even wear one over a long thin coat or jacket (under bust/waspy) to give it a nicer shape. I would start with a plain satin black underbust and wear with a dress, T-shirt, strappy top etc. If you feel self conscious wear a bolero or jacket/something with sleeves until you gain your confidence :) go for it! I wanna see pictures too :)

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What I’m obsessed with really influences how I dress and I’m currently obsessed with Aerosmith and Gossip Girl so part of me wants to dress like Steven Tyler and another part wants to dress like Blair Waldorf.

I’m getting some really weird outfits out of this.

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For some reason looking at this makes me feel really relaxed
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