Helloo =)
Im Poppy.
Welcome to my blog,
This is a place where i can express my thoughts,
feelings, images i love and photos of
who i am and what im about xP Poppy
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Haunted Hill
Burning skies of eventied
An image by Filia Lunae Photography
Anonymous: I'd let you use a riding crop on me while wearing that outfit. Or anything you want to use really

How about pepper spray?

Soul Sisters
Models: Lorraine Red, Poppy Augarde & Natalee May
Filia Lunae Photography

Spring Sentinel by liquidnight on Flickr.
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Sneaky peak from the photo shoot with Filia Lunae Photography
Anonymous: If you look that beautiful just there I can't wait to see the photoshoot for this

Thankyou :)
I cant wait to see them too, was a fab shoot :) xx

Pre photoshoot picture
I call this “Pouting Poppy’s Pumpkin Pixie”  :D
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig  Episode 18 “CHAIN REACTION” (2004) Production I.G.